Eagle Eye Award Winners


Presented to the person or persons reporting the most important sighting(s) of an invasive species.


2013: Chris Mayhew, Port of Portland, for noticing and reporting an egg mass of the Asian gypsy moth on cargo as it was being offloaded at terminal 6 in Portland during the fall of 2013.

2013:  Michael Crumrine, Laurie Gordon, Ed Keith and Jon Valley, for their coordinated efforts in identifying, responding to, increasing the awareness of, and treating yellow floating heart infestations in Deschutes County.

2012: Eric Reusche, Oregon Department of Agriculture field horticulturist in the Nursery and Christmas Tree Program, for discovering two snails, one of which was officially identified as Zachrysia provisoria, the Cuban brown snail, an exotic for Oregon.

2011: Jane Hartline of Lost Lagoon Farms, for reporting flowering rush, an "A" listed species, as being available for sale at an Oregon nursery; and USDA inspectors, for reporting live wasps emerging from a shipping container.

2010: Dan Stoner, ODA, for finding a Japanese beetle infestation in Cave Junction, Oregon

2009: Will Oursler, for being the first person to identify the Spotted Wing Drosophila in Jackson County; Don Farrar, for spotting a 9-acre field of Iberian thistle in Wheeler County

2008: Andy Gallagher, African Rue infestation; Vanessa Howard and Dave Ambrose, Spartina

2007: Dan Van Dyke, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife—for spotting invasive species (zebra mussels) on a boat entering Oregon

2006: Bruce O'Neil and Ken While; live insects in Chinese wood crating, Portland

2005: Mark Ernes, New Zealand mudsnail; Bob Donaldson, blackberry rust; Barbara Shields rusty crayfish

2004: Greg Mazer, yellow floating heart, Beaverton; John Ekberg, Alan Mudge & Christy Brown, gypsy moth eggs, Eagle Creek

2003: Nick Otting & Danna Lytjen, barbed goat grass, Cave Junction; Pat Patterson, decollate snail, Eugene; Gary Weaver, Patterson’s Curse, Lebannon

2002: Alice Pfand, New Zealand Mud Snail, Garrison Lake; Scott Rose & Gary Garth, meadow fleabane, Hermiston