High School Students

Help to make a difference by raising awareness about invasive species and how people can help prevent their spread.

  • Increase your knowledge of invasive species -- their biology, impact, and potential to spread
  • Gain communication skills
  • Build your portfolio
  • Have a chance to win up to $400 in scholarship funds

The media you produce will help remind pet owners and classrooms to look for other options when dealing with unwanted plants and animals.

Winning artwork will be used in a variety of outreach products, including but  not limited to: our website, printed posters which we plan to display at schools, pet shops, etc.

Resources to help you create an award-winning entry:
From STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities) to STEAM - just add Art
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contest overview

Known Invaders to Inspire Your Creativity

It is impossible to predict which new plant or animal will become tomorrow’s worst invader. However, here are some species that have already invaded as a result of someone "just letting them loose."