Teachers:  here's what's in it for you

  • Fun for an entire classroom or for specific students.

  • Teach about a real-world, local and relevant issue.
  • Fits any topic:  science, art, sociology, history, geography, physics, math...the possibilities are exciting!
  • Helps to link the importance of communications as part of the scientific process.
  • Give students the opportunity to experiement with technology.
  • If one of your students wins, you will receive $400 scholarship for a class stewardship project and a membership to the Native Plant Society of Oregon.

"A" for Art - from STEM to STEAM

STEAM stands for Science Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.
Strengthening student’s knowledge and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) has become a national priority. Integrating Art is an effective strategy to appeal to different learners, and increase interest in science. 

There are long standing connections between art and science.
Thanks to science artist have many new tools to express their creativity (for example 3D printers).  Also, good scientists think creatively and use art to visualize data, processes and concepts (think scientific illustrations, and data visualizations).


Technology and Computer Science Teachers
We specifically included an animated media category to encourage the use of technology in the classroom and support teaching computer science. Student’s work can include animations that could be used in a smart phone app, shared via on-line social media pages, or shared via youtube. We hope you can use this contest as a way to teach students about programs, application, and computer science concepts that you plan to cover in your class.

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