Media Criteria and Submission Process

Static Media Category
Moving Media Category

 Dimensions:  11x17Tabloid
Resolution:  300 dpi
Format:  high resolution JPEG or TIFF

Enter via email (link to be provided)

Dimensions:  16:9

Length:  30 seconds to 3 minutes
Resolution:  720 p (1280 x 720) or 1080 p (1920x1080)
Format:  MPEG-2 or MPEG-4

Upload to Vimeo 

To be eligible, all artwork must be:
  • Original, aesthetic and compelling

  • Submitted with a signed waiver releasing the use of the artwork to the Oregon Invasive Species Council
  • Uploaded to our website (which will be announced soon!)


Helpful Links for creating Videos and Animations

6 free sites for creating your own animantions

Create a nice cartoon using photoshop

Do Ink animation apps for iOS (website and link to app store) and how How it Works (video)

Vimeo Compression guidelines

Advanced encoding settings

Example Videos for Inspiration

Go Green at Work (Florida)

Don't Let it All Unravel

Climate Reality Project

Fat Lady Sings

Invasive videos and publications

Winning entries will be selected by a panel of judges, whose members will be announced on the WISE Teacher and OISC websites. Their criteria for judging include:  
  • “Don't Let It Loose” Message (50 points) - Does the media convey the theme's message clearly and link accurately to an Invasive Species concept or process?
  • Visual Effectiveness (30 points) - How does the media relay the message and does it compel you to take action?  Is the image memorable? Is it neat and creative?
  • Universal Appeal (10 points) - Regardless of age, language or educational level, everyone should be able to understand the message.
  • Originality (10 points) - Artistic Expression.
Contest Overview
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