Play Smart against Invasive Species


Oregon's spectacular private and public lands and waters provide some of the greatest opportunities for outdoor recreation in the world.

When we travel to natural areas there is a possibility that we also bring invasive species as hitchhikers on bicycles, motorcycles, boots, firewood, clothing, etc.

Tips for Outdoor Enthusiasts

  • Don't transport mud. Invasive seeds can hitch a ride on your gear, boots and vehicle, so scrape and spray off any caked-on soil. Inspect and remove mud from boots, gear and vehicle. 
  • Use weed-free hay. The "" site can be searched and sorted to find a provider nearest you.
  • Buy it where you burn it. Even if the firewood looks like it's pest-free, some of the invasive species we're concerned about are quite small. Transport firewood less than 50 miles. 
  • Report invaders. If you see a plant that looks out of place, report it to 1.866.INVADER or at

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