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Congratulations to the High School Media Contest Winners:

Best Poster:

1st Place: Edwin Leung, Sabin-Schellenberg Professional Technical Center, Portland

2nd Place: McKensi Payne, The Northwest Academy, Portland

3rd Place: Ethan Chappelear, Clackamas High School, Portland

Honorable Mentions: Zoe Clegg, Clackamas High School. Cody Woods, Sabin-Schellenberg. Katie Storment, Rex Putnam High School, Jenaya Stevenson, Sabin-Schellenberg, Claire Novick, The Northwest Academy, Chase Anderson, Milwaukee High School, Jinal Patel, Clackamas High School.


Best Multimedia:

1st Place: Sanjana Potnis, The Northwest Academy, Portland

2nd Place: Karissa Thomas and Kaitlyn Dibler, collaborative project, North Bend High School

3rd Place: Katie Holcomb and Erin Bjorklund, tied for third place, St. Mary's Academy

Honorable Mention: Justus Humble, Lebanon High School






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