The High School "Don't Let It Loose" Media Contest has ended. Thank you for participating!  Winners will be notified prior to the end of the school year.


Presented in partnership with
OSU Watershed Invasive Species Education Program

Oregon Sea Grant's Watersheds and Water Resources


Together, we invite high school students to become part of the solution and help spread the word about "Don't Let it Loose"

One of the many ways harmful invaders show up in Oregon is by pet owners, gardeners and others releasing animals or plants they no longer want into the wild. Pouring organisms into storm drains, flushing down the toilet, or simply letting pets "free" out of the back door, all increase the risk that some of these non-native fish, aquarium plants, snails, crayfish, frogs, turtles, plants and critters thrive so well in Oregon that they overtake our native species, threatening the habitat for wildlife and harming our clean rivers and waters.


Even though it seems kind to let an animal loose rather than to kill it outright, not only could it become an invasive species, its not the humane choice. Rather than letting it loose, we hope people will find these unwanted plants and animals a new home, return it to the pet shop, or consult your veterinarian regarding humane euthanasia options.

how to enter

How to Enter


HS Media Contest - For Students

for students

Awards for Students or Student Teams and their Mentoring Teachers

2 Categories; Each Category:  3 student/student team winners and

3 mentoring teacher winners

$400 - 1st Place Student/Student Team in each category

$250 - 2nd Place Student/Student Team in each category

$150 - 3rd Place Student/Student Team in each category

$400 - Mentoring Teachers of winning students

All 12 winners will also receive a 1-year membership to the Native Plant Society of Oregon

for teachers
classroom activities and curriculum information 
that will engage your students in activities that promote environmental awareness and responsibility.


2 Categories

Best Static Image
Best Moving Media
11x17 PDF utilizing one or more of the following: 
drawings, photos, narrative graphics
0.5 - 3  minute video (25-30 frames per second) utilizing one or more of the following: animation, video, motion graphics
All entries due by 5PM
April 22, 2015