Don't Let It Loose Media Contest


Presented by the Oregon Invasive Species Council


Invitation to High School Students:  
help spread the word about "Don't Let it Loose!"

information to inspire

  • Increase your knowledge of invasive species  their biology, impact, and potential to spread
  • Gain communication skills
  • Build your portfolio
  • Have a chance to win up to $400 in scholarship funds
The media you produce will help remind pet owners and classrooms to look for other options when dealing with unwanted plants and animals.

All entries due by 5PM


Invitation to High School Teachers:  
incorporate invasive species ecology, economy, and sociology into your curriculum next year
and engage your students in activities that promote environmental awareness and responsibility.
  • Integrate an invasive species theme into your fall curriculum

  • Utilize STEAM learning in your classroom

  • Encourage specific students to participate, or perhaps make it a class project
  • Have a chance, if one of your students wins, to receive a $400 scholarship

For Teachers


Become part of the solution

One of the many ways harmful invaders show up in Oregon is by pet owners, gardeners and others releasing animals or plants they no longer want into the wild by letting them go down storm drains, flushing them down the toilet, or simply letting them free out their back door. The result is that some of these non-native fish, aquarium plants, snails, crayfish, frogs, turtles and other plants and critters thrive so well in Oregon that they overtake our native species, threatening the habitat for wildlife and harming our clean rivers and waters.

Even though it seems kind to let an animal loose rather than to kill it outright, not only could it become an invasive species, its not the humane choice. Rather than letting it loose, we hope people will find these unwanted plants and animals a new home, return it to the pet shop, or dispose of it humanely.

Specifications and helpful links




Best Static Image

Best Moving Media


11x17 PDF utilizing one or more of the following:  drawings, photos, narrative graphics

3 minute video (25-30 frames per second) utilizing one or more of the following:  animation, video, motion graphics

First place 
$400 scholarship 
and 1-year membership to the Native Plant Society of Oregon (NPSO)
$400 scholarship and
1-year membership to NPSO
Second place
$250 scholarship and 1-year membership to NPSO $250 scholarship and 1-year membership to NPSO
Third place
 $150 scholarship and 1-year membership NPSO $150 scholarship and 1-year membership NPSO
$400 scholarship and a one-year membership to NPSO