Invader Crusader Award

Presented to the Oregon student(s)/teacher(s) making a difference in protecting Oregon from invasive species.


2013: Lisa Livelybrooks, for her scientific and artistic invasive species projects with over 300 students, including three summer art and writing camps.

2012: Siuslaw Salmon and Watersheds Study Coordinator Jim Grano and a fourth grade class at Siuslaw Elementary School in Florence, Oregon, for battling dense stands of Scotch Broom. Armed with gloves and garden tools, the students and their parent helpers removed an entire hillside of the weed, freeing the space for native plants to re-establish.

2011: Franklin Elementary School, for their partnership in developing solutions to the use of invasive species in classrooms.

2010: Mountain Home Biological Supply for their work on providing native specimens for classrooms.

2009: Lisa Livelybrooks and her students for the creation of the book, "The Invasion of the Zebra Mussels.”

2008: Linda Wolf, Megan McGinnis, and Shannon Reiter, invasive species story for children

2007: Gwenn Kubeck, Oregon State University graduate student—for her master’s thesis work on invasive species using focus groups and surveys.

2006: Stefania Padalino, OSU, designing logo for OISC; Arick Rouhe, PSU, author of action plan for feral swine.

2005: Chana Makale’a Duduoit, Japanese eel grass; Laura and Seth Sherry Japanese knotweed.
2003: Kim Powell, outstanding participant in Project YESS.

2002: Erik Hanson, PSU, primary author of Oregon’s Aquatic Nuisance Species Management Plan.