Governance Documents


Our Mission

Our mission is to protect Oregon’s economy and natural resources by conducting a coordinated and thorough effort to keep invasive species out of Oregon and to eliminate, reduce, or mitigate the impacts of invasive species already established in Oregon.

Our Vision

Our vision is for the Oregon Invasive Species Council to be the driving and coordinating force behind efforts in Oregon that lead to substantive positive changes in the prevention, control, management, reduction, and elimination of invasive species.

Statutory Mandate

The Oregon Invasive Species Council's duties, membership, coordinator role, etc. are defined by ORS 570.750 - 570.810

Administrative Rules

There are other rules concerning the protection of Oregon from the harm of invasive species.


Our Core Values

  • We believe, first and foremost, that preventing introductions of invasive species is paramount to the health of Oregon's ecosystems, economy, and quality of life. This requires minimizing transport of invasive species by vectors that can be managed by humans. Once introduced, early detection of initial invasions, and then quick, coordinated responses, are necessary to control, eradicate, and prevent establishment before it becomes technically or financially impossible.
  • We believe elimination, reduction, and mitigation of invasive species impacts will protect Oregon's native plants and animals, support biodiversity, and enhance the quality of life for all Oregonians.
  • We believe all Oregonians have a role to play in protecting the state from the threats of invasive species.
  • We believe that the Council should coordinate with, and build upon existing efforts to protect Oregon's biodiversity and grow our economy.
  • We believe the strength of the Council lies in partnering with citizens and public and private organizations to achieve mutually agreed upon goals and collaborative solutions. 
  • With expansion of global trade and transportation, we believe invasive species will remain a long-term threat to Oregon's economic and environmental future. Therefore, we support comprehensive, sustainable efforts to detect invasive species introductions; monitor their spread; fund prevention, control, eradication, and management efforts; and inform and engage the public.