Ten Fingers in the Dike Award


Presented to the person or person(s) or unit in a government agency going above and beyond the call of duty to keep new invaders out of the state.


2013: Kelly Amsberry, Iris Chinook, Tim Leyba, Gordon Lyford, Molly Morrison, Stu Osbrack, Carri Pirosko, Rachel Showalter, Scott Taylor, Suzanne Vautier, for their countless hours pulling, recruiting volunteers, and educating interested citizens in the effort to protect Oregon's Illinois Valley from yellow tuft alyssum.

2012: Steve Rumrill, HMSC researchers Jessica Miller, John Chapman and Gayle Hansen as well as ODFW's Caren Braby and Rick Boatner for their immediate and thorough response to dealing with the potentially invasive organisms on the Japanese tsunami dock that washed ashore on Agate Beach. Honorable Mention: For the "Workshop to Enhance West Coast Preparedness, Coordination and Response Protocols for Biofouled Debris and Invasive Species Generated by the 2011 Japan Tsunami".  Leadership and funding was provided by Oregon Sea Grant and National Sea Grant, Portland State University, NOAA Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force and NOAA Marine Debris Program staff, Jim Carlton (Mystic), USFWS, and ODFW.

2011: Jas Adams, Oregon Attorney General's Office – for his expertise in identifying the mechanism to implement mandatory boat inspections in Oregon; Honorable Mention: Josh Lambert, Lincoln County SWCD for creation and support of community and interagency awareness of invasive species for all taxa as well as his work with the EDRR network; Josh Thompson, Wasco SWCD, for his work with private landowners and feral swine; and the Aquatic and Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring Program of the US Forest Service, for collecting and identifying the northern ringed crayfish in the Umpqua drainage.

2010: East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District - for controlling invasive species on the Multnomah County EDRR list in a significant portion of the west Columbia River Gorge and east Multnomah County. 

2009: Shannon Brubaker, for her tireless efforts to make the Oregon Department of Agriculture Noxious Weed Control Program a success; Glenn Miller, for developing a statewide state-of-the-art control project with cooperators to eradicate Japanese knotweed; Jim Hoffman, for his persistence in locating the source of a gypsy moth infestation in Bend.

2008: US Customs and Border Protection Agricultural Specialists for inspections; GardenSmart Oregon publication; Dave Loomis, Mikeal Jones and Al Johnson for pressure wash equipment.

2007: Deputy Dave Johnson, Marine Law Enforcement Officer, Umatilla County—for his work on boater inspections in eastern Oregon.

2006: Lesley Richman, BLM, excellent outreach and education related to noxious weeds.

2005: Dave Langland, suppression of noxious weeds in central Oregon including orange hawkweed; Jim LaBonte, outstanding taxonomic support of exotic woodborer surveys.

2004: Kathleen Johnson, outstanding success at eradicating gypsy moth and Japanese beetle; Jim Athern, promoting aquatic nuisance species prevention; Ken French, 25 years of protecting southwest Oregon from noxious weeds.

2003: Mary Pfauth, Vanessa Howard & Dennis Isaacson for development of the Spartina Action Plan; Jack Wylie, for support of Oregon’s ballast water regulations

2002:  Sudden Oak Death Task Force (Alan Kanaskie, Nancy Osterbauer, Everett Hansen, Ellen Goheen) for implementing sudden oak death eradication program.