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Emerging Insect Pests Webinar

Threats to Oregon’s Agriculture, Forests and Plant Trade

In January, the OISC Coordinator hosted an Emerging Insect Pests Webinar for anyone in the industry or with an interest in forest insect pests and how to stop them. Forest and agriculture pests constantly put Oregon’s industries at risk of lost profit, costly control projects, and quarantines. In this webinar, listeners learned about key emerging invasive insect threats that could cause significant, lasting impacts to the state, the current status of these insects in Oregon, how they get here, efforts to address the issues, and what one can do. There were short presentations from the following experts in the field:

<p style="line-height: 1.1;">“The Pressing Threat of Japanese Beetle to Oregon’s Nursery and Specialty Crop Growers”
Chris Hedstrom, Oregon Department of Agriculture</p>

“Gypsy Moth: A Devastating Pest of Trees and Shrubs”
Wyatt Williams, Oregon Department of Forestry and Chris Hedstrom, Oregon Department of Agriculture

“Stay on the Look Out for Spotted Lanternfly”
Meg Raabe, USDA-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service-Plant Protection Quarantine

“One of the Most Destructive Wood-Boring Pests: Emerald Ash Borer”
Wyatt Williams, Oregon Department of Forestry