Take Action

Our Strategic Objectives are meant to be accomplished collaboratively. Find out how you play a role in keeping Oregon invader free!


Find an invader? 

1. Spot an invasive species? Or what you think is an invasive species? Use the Oregon Invasive Species Hotline to report it. Report online at Oregon Invasive Species Hotline or call 1-866-INVADER.

2.. Support a rigorous and shared database of invasive species sightings by becoming a user of IMapInvasives. Visit the iMapInvasives website for more information.


Are you a gardener?

Learn about the invasive plants that might be growing in your own backyard with the GardenSmart Oregon - a guide to non-invasive plants. Read the GardenSmart Oregon Guide here. 

Looking to volunteer?

Take matters into your own hands. Check out volunteer opportunities to remove invasive species at SOLVE's event list.


Are you a land manager?

Know something about tree and insect identification and likely to encounter invasives where you work? Become a Forest Pest Detector. Learn more about what it takes to be part of the volunteer Forest Pest Detector program here. 


Anyone Can Be Part of the Network

The Oregon Invasive Species Network is comprised of all levels of governmental agencies, as well as NGO's, industry partners and diverse stakeholders. Stay active in the statewide network through email, interactive events, shared information, and council meetings.

Connect with us by filling out and submitting the form below or by contacting the OISC coordinator at coordinator@oregoninvasivespeciescouncil.org

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