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~    Announcements   ~

Winter OISC meeting is scheduled for December 14th from 9am to 3pm in Salem. Stay tuned for agenda and location information.

Nominations are now open for our annual awards. OISC Awards nomination form


Congratulations to the High School Media Contest Winners:

Best Poster:

1st Place: Edwin Leung, Sabin-Schellenberg Professional Technical Center, Portland

2nd Place: McKensi Payne, The Northwest Academy, Portland

3rd Place: Ethan Chappelear, Clackamas High School, Portland

Honorable Mentions: Zoe Clegg, Clackamas High School. Cody Woods, Sabin-Schellenberg. Katie Storment, Rex Putnam High School, Jenaya Stevenson, Sabin-Schellenberg, Claire Novick, The Northwest Academy, Chase Anderson, Milwaukee High School, Jinal Patel, Clackamas High School.


Best Multimedia:

1st Place: Sanjana Potnis, The Northwest Academy, Portland

2nd Place: Karissa Thomas and Kaitlyn Dibler, collaborative project, North Bend High School

3rd Place: Katie Holcomb and Erin Bjorklund, tied for third place, St. Mary's Academy

Honorable Mention: Justus Humble, Lebanon High School




Working together to protect Oregon


Keep these out of Oregon

Oregon is being invaded by plants, animals, fungi and other species.

Invasive species

  • include plants, animals and microbes
  • outcompete native plants and animals
  • devastate industries
  • threaten the safety of our drinking water
  • harm native cultures that rely on salmon and other natural resources
  • limit recreational opportunities
  • place at risk the ability of future generations to experience the same quality of natural resources this state has to offer. 

Fortunately, a community of dedicated people -- from scientists to private citizens, to government officials and non-profit organizations -- are working hard to protect the state from invasive species. The Oregon Invasive Species Council helps to coordinate efforts that keep invasive species out of the state, and to eliminate, reduce, or mitigate the impacts of invaders that have already established in the state. 


We urge you to join us in ensuring a vibrant, healthy future for Oregon. Simple actions can make a big difference and help ensure that Oregon's natural resources are preserved for future generations.