See It, Report It!


Think you've found an invader? Oregon needs your help. Looking for Invaders


Early detection is critical to keep Oregon protected from new invasives. If we can detect new outbreaks early and act quickly to control them, we save Oregon's natural resources and prevent costly eradication efforts. By the time an invader is easily noticeable and begins to cause damage, it is often too late. It can be difficult and expensive to remove an established invader. 


Here's what you can do

  1. Become familiar with potential invasive species in your area.
  2. Look. Wherever you are - hiking in the forest, on a fishing trip, or digging in your garden - keep your eye out for unusual animals or plants that you have never seen before, and be prepared to take a picture and document your find. 

Report an invasive species

If you suspect you've found an invasive species, there are several different ways you can connect with the technical experts who are working on invasives in Oregon. Whichever method you chose, to provide valuable early detection information, it's important that you: 

  • Try to identify the species
  • Take a digital photo
  • Take notes:  time of day, the number of individuals, and any information that may be helpful
  • Note the location: If the suspected invader is on private property, you need to get permission from the landowner before you report.
Ways to Report an Invasive Species

The Invasives Hotline

A good place to start for all invaders: 
weeds, insects, aquatic animals, etc. A network of experts will review your information. They will then decide what to do next, including sharing the data with other reporting platforms and land managers. 

Report online
or call toll-free

iMap Invasives



Use if you can you identify the species and if have, (or would like to have) an iMap Invasives Account



Report the location of a weed on Oregon's Noxious Plant List. Requires exact weed location, positive identification, land ownership, etc.


Toll-Free Hotline for Feral Pigs

Call toll-free if you see feral pigs or feral pig damage. 


1- 866-268-9219