Squeal on Pigs Campaign


Brought to you by Oregon, Idaho and California 

About the campaign

The Oregon, Washington, and Idaho Invasive Species Councils have joined forces to communicate the importance of reporting sightings of feral swine so that landowners can receive technical guidance and assistance to eradicate this invasive species from the Pacific Northwest.


Pigs are native to Europe, and have spread across the globe with the help of humans, in many cases hunters looking for a new challenge. Not confined by fences, they damage crops, livestock, wildlife and the ecosystem.

  • $1.5 billion
The economic loss associated with feral pigs is estimated at $1.5 billion annually. 
  • A health threat
Feral pigs also carry diseases which threaten humans and livestock, including swine brucellosis and pseudorabies. 
  • A threat to clean water

The pigs typically forage in areas around rivers or streams, and their destructive rooting behavior can increase erosion, degrade water quality and help spread noxious weeds.