OISC Award Winners

Since its creation in 2001, the Oregon Invasive Species Council has recognized Oregonians protecting the state from invasive species. There are six regular categories (Eagle Eye, Sandra Denyes Diedrich, Ten Fingers in the Dike, Invader Crusader, Protecting the Northwest Industry, and Service) for the OISC past award winners:



Eagle Eye Award 

Presented to the person or persons reporting the most sightings of an invasive species

2016: Nona Gobel, identifying and alerting ODA to the first ever Oregon detection of the Asian jumping worm

2015: Alex Staunch, Ludwigia hexapetala, L. peploides ssp. peploides, and L. peploides spp. montevidensis, and recognizing a secondary invader after removal of these plants the delta arrowhead (Sagittaria platyphylla), Willamette Valley

2011: Jane Hartline of Lost Lagoon Farms, for reporting flowering rush, an "A" listed species, as being available for sale at an Oregon nursery; and USDA inspectors, for reporting live wasps emerging from a shipping container.                                      

2010: Dan Stoner, ODA, for finding a Japanese beetle infestation in Cave Junction, Oregon

2009: Will Oursler, for being the first person to identify the Spotted Wing Drosophila in Jackson County; Don Farrar, for spotting a 9-acre field of Iberian thistle in Wheeler County.

2008: Andy Gallagher, African Rue infestation; Vanessa Howard and Dave Ambrose, Spartina

2007: Dan Van Dyke, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife—for spotting invasive species (zebra mussels) on a boat entering Oregon

2006: Bruce O'Neil and Ken While; live insects in Chinese wood crating, Portland

2005: Mark Ernes, New Zealand mudsnail; Bob Donaldson, blackberry rust; Barbara Shieldsrusty crayfish

2004: Greg Mazer, yellow floating heart, Beaverton; John Ekberg, Alan Mudge & Christy Brown, gypsy moth eggs, Eagle Creek

2003: Nick Otting & Danna Lytjen, barbed goat grass, Cave Junction; Pat Patterson, decollate snail, Eugene; Gary Weaver, Patterson’s Curse, Lebannon

2002: Alice Pfand, New Zealand Mud Snail, Garrison Lake; Scott Rose & Gary Garth, meadow fleabane, Hermiston

Sandra Denyes Diedrich (Outstanding Defender) Award

Presented to the person(s)/organization (non-government) making the most outstanding contribution to protecting Oregon from invasive species

2016: Lindsey Wise, for her dedicated efforts to manage Oregon IMapInvasives and update the Oregon Invasive Species Hotline website

2015: Phil Hamiltion, for outstanding dedication to environmental stewardship through his 23 years of service to Tryon Creek State Natural Area

2011: Bob Jenson, Oregon Legislature, for his tireless work in support of invasive species legislation.

2010: Vern Holm, for his work relative to the Northwest Weed Management Partnership

2009: Dave Moskowitz, for his work in advancing invasive species legislation during the 2009 legislative session

2008: Dave Clemens, lifetime contributions to protecting eastern Oregon

2007: Beth Casper, Environmental Reporter, and Michelle Maxwell, Editor, the Statesman Journal and Jeff Douglas and Ed Jahn, Oregon Public Broadcasting—for their leadership in promoting invasive species via the media

2006: Fred Arnold, South Coast Lumber, outstanding cooperation in the sudden oak death eradication project in Curry Co.

2005: Hines Nurseries, Phytophthora ramorum eradication

2004: Marc Cool, production of white papers on grasses including invasiveness; Jonathan Soll & PAPST, heroic efforts to control knotweeds along Sandy River

2003: Mandy Tu, promotion of Codes of Conduct for nursery industry; Project YESS, exceptional service clearing invasive plants from preserves

2002: Sandy Diedrich (deceased), founder No Ivy League

Ten Fingers in the Dike Award

Presented to the person(s) or unit in a government agency going above and beyond the call of duty to keep new invaders out of the state

2016: Eric Coombs, retired ODA, Noxious Weed Control Program, extensive contributions to combatting invasive species through biological control and mentorship of young scientists

2015: Alan Kanaskie, the guiding force for the detection, monitoring, and management of the disease, sudden oak death, in Oregon's tanoak forests.

2011: Jas Adams, Oregon Attorney General's Office – for his expertise in identifying the mechanism to implement mandatory boat inspections in Oregon; Honorable Mention: Josh Lambert, Lincoln County SWCD for creation and support of community and interagency awareness of invasive species for all taxa as well as his work with the EDRR network; Josh Thompson, Wasco SWCD, for his work with private landowners and feral swine; and the Aquatic and Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring Program of the US Forest Service, for collecting and identifying the northern ringed crayfish in the Umpqua drainage

2010: East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District - for controlling invasive species on the Multnomah County EDRR list in a significant portion of the west Columbia River Gorge and east Multnomah County

2009: Shannon Brubaker, for her tireless efforts to make the Oregon Department of Agriculture Noxious Weed Control Program a success; Glenn Miller, for developing a statewide state-of-the-art control project with cooperators to eradicate Japanese knotweed; Jim Hoffman, for his persistence in locating the source of a gypsy moth infestation in Bend

2008: US Customs and Border Protection Agricultural Specialists for inspections; GardenSmart Oregon publication; Dave Loomis, Mikeal Jones and Al Johnson for pressure wash equipment

2007: Deputy Dave Johnson, Marine Law Enforcement Officer, Umatilla County—for his work on boater inspections in eastern Oregon

2006: Lesley Richman, BLM, excellent outreach and education related to noxious weeds

2005: Dave Langland, suppression of noxious weeds in central Oregon including orange hawkweed; Jim LaBonte, outstanding taxonomic support of exotic woodborer surveys

2004: Kathleen Johnson, outstanding success at eradicating gypsy moth and Japanese beetle; Jim Athern, promoting aquatic nuisance species prevention; Ken French, 25 years of protecting southwest Oregon from noxious weeds

2003: Mary Pfauth, Vanessa Howard & Dennis Isaacson for development of the Spartina Action Plan; Jack Wylie, for support of Oregon’s ballast water regulations

2002: Sudden Oak Death Task Force (Alan Kanaskie, Nancy Osterbauer, Everett Hansen, Ellen Goheen) for implementing sudden oak death eradication program

Invader Crusader Award

Presented to the Oregon student(s) making a difference in protecting Oregon from invasive species

2016: Molly Sultany and Tami Katz, outstanding efforts guiding students in their classes to create "Don't Let it Loose" media products

2011: Franklin Elementary School, for their partnership in developing solutions to the use of invasive species in classrooms

2010: Mountain Home Biological Supply, for their work on providing native specimens for classrooms

2009: Lisa Livelybrooks and her students, for the creation of the book, "The Invasion of the Zebra Mussels.”

2008: Linda Wolf, Megan McGinnis, and Shannon Reiter, invasive species story for children

2007: Gwenn Kubeck, Oregon State University graduate student—for her master’s thesis work on invasive species using focus groups and surveys

2006: Stefania Padalino, OSU, designing logo for OISC; Arick Rouhe, PSU, author of action plan for feral swine.

2005: Chana Makale’a Duduoit, Japanese eel grass; Laura and Seth Sherry Japanese knotweed

2003: Kim Powell, outstanding participant in Project YESS

2002: Erik Hanson, PSU, primary author of Oregon’s Aquatic Nuisance Species Management Plan

Protect the Northwest Industry Award

Presented to a company that make a difference in protecting Oregon from invasive species

2015: Vigor Industrial LLC, their employees and management personnel,for their work in identifying the presence of high-risk ballast water on a newly delivered dry dock platform

2011:  West Coast Contractors, for their work in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species on the coast of Oregon

2010: Peerbolt Crop Management, for their work with the Department of Agriculture and spotted wing drosophila

2009: AmeriTies and Union Pacific for their willingness to change their business practices to prevent the introduction of invasive insects on railroad ties

Service Award

Presented to the person or persons who have demonstrated extraordinary service to the OISC

2016: Sam Chan, a fundamental and instrumental component in the creation of the council by legislature; throughout his tenure he has supported the Council with his leadership, serving as Council Chair and his exemplary commitment to collaboration amongst all partners and stakeholders

2015: Mark Sytsma, one of the original founder of the OISC (2001), his leadership paved the way for many of the current council functions