The Oregon Invasive Species Council

2017 Appointed Members

Dan Sherwin, High Valley Enterprises

Emily Bosanquet, Pacific Northwest College of Art

Jim Seeley, Wild River Coastal Alliance

Kathy Leopold, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

Maureen Minister, Port of Portland

Meg Raabe, USDA - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service PPQ

Michelle Delepine, West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

Nicole Brooks, Customs and Border Protection

Shawna Bautista, USDA - United States Forest Service

Quintin Bauer, SOLVE

Oregon Invasive Species Council Coordinator

Samara Group

The Oregon Invasive Species Council has contracted coordination services from Samara Group. Samara Group specializes in coordination of environmental projects with a collaborative team-approach of experts in rigorous science, inclusive partnerships, and effective communications.

Jalene Littliejohn, Lead Coordinator—Founder/Director of Partnerships, Samara Group

Leslie Bliss-Ketchum, Assistant Coordinator—Founder/Director of Environmental Science, Samara Group

Jessica Riehl, Communications and Design—Director of Collaborative Design, Samara Group

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