Oregon Statewide Plans for Invasive Species

The statewide strategic plan and statewide action plan for invasive species, linked below, set forth long-term and short-term strategies for invasive species control. The Council's governing statute acknowledges the stakeholders that support the overarching mission of the invasive species control: "The Invasive Species Council has a strong network of local, state, federal tribal, and private entities that actively and cooperatively combat the threat posed by harmful invasive species." ORS 570.740(4). The recommendations in the plan below are the robust and feasible products of 15 months of collaborative planning among Council members, the Council's Advisory Group, stakeholders, and other entities engaged in invasive species issues. 

These plans are organized around the following five Objectives:

I. Prevention

II. Early Detection & Rapid Response

III. Control & Management

IV. Education & Outreach

V. Coordination & Leadership


Click on the images below to view or download a copy of the Oregon Statewide Plans for Invasive Species.

2017-2019 The Oregon Statewide Action Plan for Invasive Species

The action plan is a working document that guides the implementation of the statewide strategic plan by Oregon agencies and other entities involved in invasive species control. The Council will comprehensively update the action plan every two years to keep actions relevant. 

2017-2027 The Oregon Statewide Strategic Plan for Invasive Species

The strategic plan is the product of input and engagement of many colleagues across the state that are working to protect Oregon from invasive species. The plan is organized around key invasive species management objectives that are meant to guide a comprehensive approach over the next ten years, from the perspective of the entire state, not just the Oregon Invasive Species Council or any other single agency.