The Oregon Invasive Species Council

About the Council

In 2001, the Oregon Legislature established the Oregon Invasive Species Council (“OISC” or “Council”) to conduct a comprehensive and coordinated effort to prevent, detect, control and eliminate invasive species harming the region’s economy, health, and natural resources. The Council’s governing statute also acknowledges the robust network of stakeholders that helps with the work of the Council: “The Invasive Species Council has a strong network of local, state, federal, tribal and private entities that actively and cooperatively combat the threat posed by harmful invasive species.” ORS 570.750(4). The responsibilities of the Council set forth in ORS 570.755 include:

  • Maintaining an invasive species reporting hotline

  • Educating the public about invasive species

  • Developing a statewide plan for invasive species

  • Providing a grant or loan program for eradication of invasive species

The Council is comprised of 17 members: 5 state agencies with significant invasive species management programs, 2 higher education institutions, and 10 at-large members drawn from diverse stakeholders. 

2019 Appointed Members

Nicole Brooks, Customs and Border Protection

Kristopher Crowley, Burns Paiute Tribe

Michelle Delepine, West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

Norie Dimeo-Ediger, Oregon Forest Resources Institute

Olivia Duren, The Freshwater Trust

Erin McConnell, Bureau of Land Management

Christine Moffitt, Retired Fisheries Biologist

Dave Pranger, Morrow County

Meg Raabe, USDA - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service PPQ

Karen Ripley, US Forest Service

Ex Officio Members

Rick Boatner, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Sam Chan, Oregon State University - Sea Grant

Glenn Dolphin, Oregon State Marine Board

Rian Hooff, Department of Environmental Quality

Catherine de Rivera, Portland State University

Helmuth Rogg, Oregon Department of Agriculture

Wyatt Williams, Oregon Department of Forestry


Special Assistants to the Council

Tania Siemens, Oregon State University - Sea Grant

Committees & Working Groups

Statewide Strategic Plan Working Group

Advisory Committee

The OISC Advisory Committee was created in 2008 to connect the Council with the broader community of technical experts, businesses, government officials, organizations, and stakeholders interested in invasive species prevention, detection, eradication, and management in Oregon. Advisory committee members contributes information that assists the Council in decision-making on a variety of topics, including policy, legislation, science and marketing.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee was established by motion. The newly minted committee reviews and approves communications, such as social media plans, news releases, website, and outreach materials.

Bylaws committee | Chair, Catherine de Rivera

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing and proposing changes to the Oregon Invasive Species Council bylaws, first adopted in 2002. View the most up-to-date Bylaws by clicking here

Legislative Committee | Chair, Rian Hooff

The Legislative Committee tracks, reviews, and makes recommendations on proposed action on legislation; develop legislation and make recommendations for OISC action on legislation relating to the Council and invasive species management in Oregon. 

Education Committee | Chair, Sam Chan

The Education Committee is a cross-agency committee consisting of council members and outside representatives working on outreach and education around invasive species issues. This committee provides support for the outreach and education projects coordinated or supported by the council including awareness campaigns, art projects, K-12 education projects, and outreach programs.

Oregon Invasive Species Council Coordinator

Samara Group

The Oregon Invasive Species Council has contracted coordination services from Samara Group. Samara Group specializes in coordination of environmental projects with a collaborative team-approach of experts in rigorous science, inclusive partnerships, and effective communications.

Jalene Littlejohn, Lead Coordinator—Founder/Director, Samara Group

Leslie Bliss-Ketchum, Assistant Coordinator—Founder/Director, Samara Group

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