Strategic Outcome
Better-educated travelers will not knowingly carry prohibited plant, microbes and animal/seafood material into and out of Oregon’s ports of entry.

Video Goal
Maintain an engaging, fact-based language, and aim for an “Aha” moment of the viewer when they learn how invasive pests spread—we want to inspire buy-in and real concern from the viewers. The focus of these videos is to educate the viewer on the core issue and consequences of invasive species.

We are particularly focused on creating short, engaging video vignettes for student audiences as part of a social media campaign to be used in university orientations and by university international student/study abroad offices as appropriate. The message should be generalized to be appropriate for all travelers.

The ROUGH CUT includes 5 videos in total. As these are still in the early stages of production, the scene transitions, animations, and background noises will continue to be refined. Both English and Simplified Chinese subtitles will be added to the videos in the final cut. 

Click here to download or view the PDF of the 1-page campaign timeline

Click here to download or view the PDF of the rough cut video script

You will find the following videos in the video file: 

0:00 Khapra Beetle

2:30 Foot-and-mouth Disease

5:07 Wood Borer

7:47 Fruit Fly

10:36 Master (containing a vignette about each pest) 


These videos were developed in June 2018 by Samara Group on behalf of the Oregon Department of Agriculture as part of the Don't Pack a Pest program.



All comments will be reviewed and processed by Samara Group. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Adriana Escobedo-Land, Samara Group Project Associate, at a.escobedo.land@samarapdx.com or by phone at 971-221-3798. 

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I think the style of the videos will be appropriate for student travelers.
The information provided in the videos is accurate.
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Including non-essential edits that you think would greatly enhance the videos but is not required for the final product to be distributed. Examples of what can be edited include 1) changing the use of stock photos or subtitles to improve the clarity of the message, 2) changing the sequence of scenes to have smooth and logical transitions, and 3) cutting/shortening scenes for succinct messaging.
Partners have asked for many priority messages to be included in these videos. The videos will fare better on social media if we can reduce their length. Are there any scenes or messages that you do not think are necessary here and could potentially be cut?
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