Report an Invader

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Report Sightings Online or Call our Hotline

By using the Online Hotline or calling in your sightings to report suspected invasive species in your area, you'll be contributing vital early detection information to the experts best able to stop the spread of invasives. The Online Hotline also lets you connect directly with an expert to get positive identifications and answers to your questions. To report invaders using the Oregon Invasive Species Online Hotline and search past reports, go here. To call in a sighting, call our Invasive Species Hotline: 1-866-INVADER (1-866-468-2337).

Quick OISC Hotline Stats as of October 2017:

2039: total # of reports

233: # of insects reported

121: # of aquatic plants reported

1458: # of land plants reported


Report Feral Pig Sightings 

The states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho have identified feral pigs as an immediate concern. To help the states quantify populations and address specific populations of concern, and to follow Oregon law, report any feral pig sightings by calling the toll-free feral swine hotline: 1-888-268-9219



iMapInvasives is a comprehensive tool for online invasive species data management, with many aspects to appeal to natural resource managers, volunteers, and the public. Visit the iMapInvasives Oregon page to learn more about this online tool and how you can become an iMapInvasives user. 

Quick iMapInvasives Stats as of October 2017:

338,717: total # of observations reported

37: # of OR counties where reports have come from

370: # of species that have been reported

513: # of iMapInvasives users

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Gorse Action Group

The Gorse Action Group (GAG) is a collaborative group of participants from federal, state, and county agencies, as well as non-profit organizations in Coos, Curry, and Douglas Counties. The GAG is working to control and reduce the spread of gorse, minimize the impact of gorse on our economy and natural resources, and provide a successful process to share with others facing gorse infestations. To report new infestations of gorse along the Southern Oregon coast, call 541- 435-1731. Visit the Gorse Action Group website to learn more. 



Report Invasive Species Sightings in Washington

If you think you've spotted an invasive species in Washington, head to the Washington Invasive Species Council Reporting Page to let them know.