Meet Norie Dimeo-Ediger!

Meet Norie Dimeo-Ediger, joining the OISC in 2019 as an at-large Council member. Norie holds a master’s degrees in both K-12 science education and adult education, and she currently acts as the Director of K-12 Education Programs at the Oregon Forest Resources Institute. Throughout her career, she has acted as an educator in many settings, from classroom to field programs to community colleges to her current setting at the Oregon Forest Resources Institute. She has both formal and non-formal environmental and outdoor education experience.

Having worked for over 30 years in and outside the classroom, educating students of all ages, it is an exciting opportunity to have Norie on the Council. She is well-known and respected throughout the state for working collaboratively to develop and support relevant and useful programming and resources. Norie also brings an expertise in building diverse and collaborative partnerships and an ability to engage audiences in understanding important ecological concepts.

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When it comes to invasive species work, Norie comes at this topic with a lens of forest management. Invasive species are of paramount importance for the health of forest species and forest practices. A top concern of Norie’s is the invasive species that are introduced via firewood. She understands the importance of storytelling when it comes to educating about the threats of invasive species, which is part of why she’s excited to be a newly appointed OISC Council member! Norie told us in an interview, “I’m most looking forward to leveraging resources, not reinventing wheels. I look for different talents and ways to approach solutions in a group setting.”